Demonstration at the Keleti train station.

Daily life in the underground of the Keleti.

Hundreds tried to get to Austria and Germany by feet.

Some families had lived on the streets of Budapest for weeks.

Neo-nazis making friends with the police as they tried to protest against "the invasion of migrants".

Policemen let the ones with proper tickets get on the trains westward one by one.

Meanwhile NGOs were using an abandoned area of the Nyugati railway station as a makeshift shelter.

There were only rumors circulating about the trains and buses that refugees can board. 

Waiting for the trains at Keleti.

The authorities finally provided designated buses to the Austrian border.

Even after that people were coming for weeks.

A government official visits the fence at the Serbian border.

Those who tried to cross the green border were now stuck in the no man's land.

Some used old factories and abandoned buildings as shelters.

Humanitarian NGOs tried to provide food and water.

Killing time at an official Serbian refugee camp.

Serbia, 2016.

Serbia, 2016.

Idomeni, 2016. A constant queue at the Macedonian border with thousands in it all day.

Nobody knew anything.

There were rumors about how to get papers to pass through, but the authorities helped only a few dozen people every day. It seemed random.

Meanwhile activists did all they can to help them kill time.

Idomeni, 2016.

Idomeni, 2016.

Idomeni, 2016.

The small tent of the Red Cross in Idomeni.

They treated all kinds of diseases, mostly flu, injuries and infections. 

They only had a few minutes for every patients. 

Idomeni, 2016.

Idomeni, 2016.

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