Gergő, a young man disabled by a rare degenerative neural disorder is occupied with his hobby: making small rugs.

An instructor in a Red Cross summer camp showing how to give CPR.

Waking from a nap at VOLT Festival 2018.

Tattoo and body modification artist Gábor Zagyvai lifting up his model using sterilized hooks and ropes at a tattoo convention.

Zsanett Adámi paralympic swimmer practicing.

Szabadság tér, Budapest, World Cup finals of 2018.

People using their weight to get a car as low as they can at a Lada Convention.

A man is being washed at a homeless shelter in Zalaegerszeg in the winter.

A couple waiting for the Depeche Mode at the VOLT Festival.

Poet and actor Géza Röhrig (of Son of Saul fame) speaking to children in Gilvánfa, Hungary.

A man on his horse in Dunaszentgyörgy, Hungary, during the campaign of the governmental referendum about "stopping all illegal migration".

A protester enjoying the sun during a demonstration and clash with the security personnel in the Városliget.

Cool girls and a not-to-cool guy during Hungary's last match in the European Cup of 2016.

Firemen demonstrate what could happen when you are careless around Christmas lights.

First time at Lake Balaton.

People getting ready for the Budapest Pride march in 2018.

A proposal on the stage at the end of the Budapest Pride march in 2018. (She said yes.)

People watching the famous "Sexy Lada Wash" at a Lada convention.

Inmates practicing the bowing at a rehearsal for their play in the József Attila Színház at the annual Inmates' Theater Festival.

Matthew Bellamy of Muse playing at the 2017 Sziget Festival.

Former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány arriving at a press conference on 15. March 2016.

Waiting for the parents to vote on the day of governmental elections in 2018.

Budapest 1 AM.

A young boy waiting for his turn to donate blood at the Red Cross' track at VOLT Festival. It's his first time.

Taxi drivers vs an Uber driver. Hungarian taxi companies held a series of demonstrations after Uber appeared in the country. The app and the service got banned after and the taxi drivers even raised prices.

Limp Bizkit, VOLT Festival.

A wedding

His wife helps cosplayer Gergely Zsikla to get in his Thanos costume.

Pati, after her wedding.

At the funeral of former president Árpád Göncz.

A woman collects her things after she was evicted from her home in the 8th district of Budapest.

Kayak champion Tamara Takács getting ready for her training.

Nikolett Szabó and Flóra Burányi (both blind) train judo for the Paralympic games.

A protester rips the canvas off a fence in the Városliget, where hundreds of people demonstrated against the government's huge "Liget Project".

Waiting for a gig at VOLT Festival 2018.

Demonstration for the public education in 2016.

Completely blind young guy Szabi spends the whole week at the Sziget Festival, helper and coordinator at the camp for disabled people at daytime and partygoer at night.

PM Viktor Orbán arriving.

Playing with spotlights in the ArtZone of the Sziget Festival.

Flirting at the Sziget Festival.

Lada Convention, 2017.

Inbetween gigs in the tent A38 at the Sziget Festival.

Martin Alex Hegedűs a.k.a. TinezDoll the drag queen waiting for her show to begin in an underground gay bar in Pécs.

Security staff is people too. Sziget Festival, 2018.

Che Sudaka, Budapest Park, 2016.

Beat On the Brat Club, Budapest.

Auróra Klub, 2017.

One-man punk performance at Tilos az Á Klub, Budapest.

Jenő Menyhárt, Európa Kiadó.

Fishing on Orfu, 2016.

Dürer Kert, 2016.

A38, 2018.

Volt Festival, 2018.

Beer yoga, 2017.

Sziget Festival, 2018.

A countryside pub in Cyprus, 2017.

Gipsy girls of the Dani Family showing their dance moves.

Salsa at the Liberty Bridge, Budapest, 2017.

Sziget Festival, 2018.

World Cup finals, Budapest, 2018.

Sziget Festival, 2018.

A wedding, 3AM.

Sziget Festival, 2018.

Bori Péterfy in concert.

Hardcore soccer fans after Hungary lost its final match at the European Cup.

Nightclubbing in Budapest.

A wedding, 3.30AM.

Liberty Bridge, Budapest, 2018.

Giving candy to a policemen at the annual Santa Clause Run in Budapest, december of 2017.

I Bike Budapest, 2017.

Spiderman at the Sziget Festival.

I Bike Budapest, 2016.

Sziget Festival, 2018.

Artifical bruises and blood at a Red Cross summer camp.

Sziget Festival, 2017.

Sziget Festival, 2018.

A teacher at a rally for the Hungarian public education in 2016.

First time on the Lake Balaton.

A demonstration for the CEU, 2018.

Balaton in the winter.

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